Participating in Aukus agreement, he can maintain its nuclear submarine in Australia, an increase in Indian Ocean - Pacific.

British government sources on September 20, said the Aukus agreement could allow submarines to attack Astute class, worth nearly two billion USD each, maintained deeply at Australian facilities without rotating


Photo: Twitter/NavyLookout

The above plan will come true when Australia started building fleets with at least 8 nuclear energy submarines with support from England and the US according to Aukus agreement.

The British Navy owns 4 submarines attacking the Astute class, three other classmates are being built.

HMS ARTFUL submarine arrives at Gibraltar on July 6.

James Peddell, former British attendor in the US in charge of defense technology, said a base in Australia will allow British submarines to bring conventional weapons as long as long-term in Indian Ocean - Pacific,

British and Australian submarines operating in the region can bring the underground combat capacity of the Navy two countries to the Chinese step forward, Peddell said.

The submarine carrying his conventional weapons often participated in the implementation of 4-5 months before returning to the base.

The ministers he wanted the submarine of the country could be present longer in the Indian Ocean - Pacific in the future when the European country gradually moved to the area.


Photo: Twitter/NavyLookout

Dr. Paul Dorfman, a former British Defense Ministry adviser, in a report said British coastal nuclear bases, including Fasslane, susceptible to flooding with high tide or storm.

A British defense source said their submarines did not need to go around the world to maintain if participating in an agreement with Australia.

HMS Ambush submarine (Front) and RFA Lyme Lymer Logistics (later) joined Joint Warrior rehearsal in Faslane Bay, England in April 2019.

The submarine agreement under the Aukus Treaty between the US, England and Australia caused a diplomatic crisis with France, when Canberra canceled the deal of 12 diesel-electrical submarines worth over $ 40 billion by Paris.

France then summoned its ambassadors in Australia and the United States, simultaneously canceled the talks between Florence Parly Defense Minister and Ben Wallace.

However, the Minister Wallace affirmed that he and France and the Boat and the country did not stab behind allies.