Singapore officials announced that they will limit gatherings and forced employees to work remotely when new infections have never seen.

Singapore Health Employers on September 23 recorded 1,504 new NCOV cases, the highest level since the pandemic began.


Photo: Reuters

Singapore Minister of Commercial and Industrial Singapore Kim Yong, a member of the Working Group against Covid-19, today said the government must make a very difficult decision when tightening once again will impact

Under the new decision to take effect from September 27 to October 24, Singapore officials allowed the maximum of two people to dine at the restaurant, provided that they had a Covid green card, while the scale of capacitors

Remote working mode will become the default for businesses.

Singaporeans lined up outside a rapid test center NCOV on September 21.

Limitations are tightened only one month after Singapore sets out the strategy of living with Covid-19 and towards reopening.

Singapore Ministers in the anti-Covid-19 working group showed that the number of Covid-19 cases skyrocketed in the 5.7 million-way islands caused terrible pressure on the health system.

In the July 24 announcement, the Singapore Ministry of Health said many people with Covid-19 symptoms still went to the hospital to treat, whether this was unnecessary.

Singapore encourages cases of F0 to treat themselves at home, but many people misunderstand and constantly call for advice, making the hotline overloaded.