Pilot Eric Nicolson was injured but decided to stick to the airplane that was caught fire to shoot down the German bomb fighter in the sky and then parachute.

During the British Protection War in 1940, the British pilots showed a courage to protect the airports before the German Air Force attack.


Photo: RAF

Nicolson was born in London in 1917. After graduating from high school, he was engineers but did not stick for a long time with this profession.

Nicolson (middle) during recovery after the match in August 1940.

After completing the training and demonstrating the power, Eric James Brindley Nicolson was payrolled for the 72-year 1937 fighter. Three years later, he moved to the squadron of 249, one of the units

On August 16, 1940, Eric Nicolson fought in the Southampton sky.

Nicolson fighter continuously hit 4 shells from a German bomb fighter.

The second bullet won the secondary oil tank, making it fire and the fire quickly spread throughout the plane.

Damaged aircraft and the fire quickly spread to the cockpit, Nicolson noticed no choice but to escape.

The fire at this time licked into the cockpit, but Nicolson decided to stay and immediately fired into the opponent.

The British pilot continued to be injured when landing.

Although seriously injured, Nicolson recovered completely after a hospital stay.

The war of war takes place in the morning so many people under the ground can witness Nicolson's victory.

In 1942, Nicolson was sentenced to India and promoted to the Commander.