The Lyton Village in British Columbia province on June 29 records a temperature of 49.5 degrees Celsius, the highest heat level of all time in this country.

At 16h20, the Lytton meteorological station reported a temperature of 49.5 degrees Celsius, once again broke the daily temperature record and all time on the third day in a row, environmental agencies and Canadian climate change


Photo: Reuters

Locus Meteorological Station is not even in the hottest position in the village, it is hidden under the trees and there cool the rest of the village at least one degree.

Lotton Village, about 250 km east of Vancouver, on June 28, also broke the highest temperature record of all time with 47.9 degrees C. However, the latest thermal level was recorded higher than forecast

Before this hot sun, the highest thermal level was recorded in LyTon was 44.4 degrees Celsius in 1941. The highest temperature was recorded in Canada 45 degrees Celsius in Yellow Grass and Midale city

The man cooling body at a misting point in Vancouver City, British Columbia Province, Canada on June 27.

Canadian officials warned British Columbia provinces, Alberta, and many areas in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon Territory and the Northwest territories that the prolonged and dangerous historical hot wave will continue

At least 69 people in the city of Vancouver died of heat.

Hot hot sunshine stretches from Oregon, USA, to Canada's Arctic territory.

Climate change is making temperature records more often.