Trump supporters believe he won in last year's presidential election, even warning civil war if Trump was not served in August.

CNN Donie Reporter O'Sullivan talked to some supporters former President Donald Trump before his first campaign since leaving the White House in Wellington, Ohio on June 26.


Photo: AFP

He didn't lose, I knew he didn't lose, a woman told O'Sullivan, adding that she trusted Trump's claims and some republican members of broadcasting frauds leading to elections

Former US President Donald Trump at the campaign in Ohio state on June 26.

Many Trump supporters carrying signboards with slogans such as Trump won and bad Biden.

In 2020 and the next year, another woman told O'Sullivan about the T-shirt with the words Trump won she was wearing.

A third group said before the campaign that they hope to hear from the former president of the message he will return.

Trump was thought to have put pressure on allies in conservative media and other relatives to promote the accusation of the stolen election and asked him to be reinforced in August.

He will soon returns and the people will be eliminated, a Trump supporter in Wellington is determined that Ron tells O'Sullivan, sparking a laughter from others in the group.

If that doesn't happen?, O'Sullivan asked.

A self-proclaimed member of the militant Three Percenters of the army attended the campaign told O'Sullivan that he was in the US Parliament House on January 6, when the crowd of Trump supporters spilled into the violent building

That's right, I don't think someone should go inside, but when you are working and hormone adrenaline rises, you know, that will happen, the man said, while a woman told O'Sullivan