Calling each other's priority partner, Russia and China seem to want to send the message that they will catch their hands tighten against the pressure from the West.

Despite the rumors of an emerging anti-American axis, the general statement was launched after the online conference between Chinese President and Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 29, denied that the two countries are looking for


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Instead, the two leaders praised the mature, stable and solid bilateral relationship, and insisted that the enemy was always his priority partner.

However, the online conference took place only 6 weeks after the American - Russian summit and long claimed that the two leaders made clearly targeting US President Joe Biden, experts evaluated.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Hijacked at BRICS Summit in Brasilia, Brazil, in November 2019.

President Biden two weeks ago met Russian copper Putin in Geneva, Switzerland, in an effort to stabilize the difficult relationship between Washington and Moskva as well as prevent Moscow from entering Beijing's influence.

Some countries use consciousness to map boundaries, rough intervention in the internal work of sovereign countries, impose unilateral sanctions, shaking the legal background of

The statement argues that before the current adversity, both parties need to strengthen cooperation on politics, security, military, economy, energy and technology, protect the common interests in the international arena, dong

Russia needs a prosperous and stable China as well as China needs a strong and successful Russian.

At the same time, Professor of International Relations at the Chinese People's University, said in the context of the Western Union led the increasingly harsh confrontation to both China and Russia, the fact that the two countries noticed

That relationship will be further strengthened if the US - Central and American confrontation - Russia continues to become stressful, he said.

According to Danil Bochkov, expert in the Russian international issue board, very rarely the priority partner phrase appears in official documents between the two parties, even though the leaders and officials are still very considered

The above idea requires both countries to spend specific interest to mutual exposures, especially on the issue of response to Covid-19 and allegations of human rights violations, while termitization priority

In an interview with the summit with Biden in Geneva, Putin spoke to China in front of international allegations that Beijing abused Ngo Nhi Muslims in Xinjiang.

Bochkov notes that the close relationship between the President and President Putin is an important foundation of bilateral relations, helping Moskva and Beijing can discuss the most sensitive and open-sensitive issues in a sincere and open manner


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America and allies In recent years, many times expressed concerns about the long-term relationship between Russia and China, especially on military cooperation.

Although Beijing and Moscow have committed to improving military cooperation, including through the increase in the number and scale of general exercises, the latest statement affirms Russian-medium partnerships not a union

Other highlights of the conference between President Putin and the President of the President are the extension of a nice neighborhood treaty and friendly cooperation, whereby the sides agree to return to the border dispute and do not claim sovereignty

US President Joe Biden (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the summit in Geneva, Switzerland on June 16.

Under a term in the treaty, the two sides will consult immediately if the threats appear to military.

This is a very comfortable cooperation formula between Russia and China, to make sure that even though there are military moves, the two countries will not become each other's opponents, he commented.

Zhang Xin, Associate Professor of International Relations at Hoa Dong Pedagogical University, said Beijing and Moscow will seek to challenge and shake the 'power as well as the absolute name of Western countries

China and Russia can promote high-tech weapons development cooperation to create counterwalk to the United States.

They will also work together to oppose Russia and NATO implementing short and mid-range missiles in Europe with Asia - Pacific through both tough and soft measures, he added.

Although the bilateral relations are increasingly profound, it is still too far away when it comes to an anti-American military alliance, due to certain limitations of the Russian-medium relationship, he said.

Military cooperation is still from Russia to provide China advanced military devices and technologies.

According to Artyom Lukin, Associate Professor at the Far East Federal University of Russia, there are still some stresses in Russian - Central Relations, as Moscow is not satisfied by Beijing's increasing influence in the region

But now, those differences are almost on alphabetical meaning for bilateral relations.