The Chinese Ambassador to London Trinh Trinh Quang warned serious consequences if British MPs came to Taiwan.

The intervention of China's internal affairs will surely lead to serious consequences in China -UK relations.


Photo: Reuters.

Ambassador Trinh mentioned the British MPs plan intended to visit Taiwan this year, despite increasing tensions in the region.

Chinese Ambassador to Trinh Trach Quang in 2019. Photo: Reuters.

The Chinese Ambassador's statement was made after Guardian on August 1, leading the sources of proficiency, saying that the MP's Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives plans to visit Taiwan in November or early December to be able to

The source added British MPs who planned to visit the island earlier this year, but were postponed by members of the delegation of Covid-19.

The visit plan was given in the context of British -China relations worse.

The situation of Taiwan is also tense after US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi visited the island on August 2.

China said the country's force was on a high alarm and ready to launch a series of targeted military actions to respond to Nancy's visit.

Washington, meanwhile, said that Beijing should not react overly, to avoid causing crisis in the area.

Xi once announced that he would respond to all challenges in Taiwan, but may be patient if Mrs. Pelosi visited the island.

Pelosi's visit to Taiwan seems to be an attempt to increase the vote for the Democratic Party, besides the message of supporting the island, according to experts.