Chinese husband chased his wife out of the house because of arguing with his mother -in -law around the air conditioner, causing many people to use the life discontent.

The wife in Ha Nam province, northern China, turned on the air conditioner during the hot weather at the end of July when the temperature reached more than 41 degrees Celsius.


Photo: Reuters

A woman used a cooling fan on Shanghai street on July 19.

The husband later found his mother, the two of them went home at midnight.

I am not allowed to turn her?

We have quarreled twice, the wife answered.

The wife asked if the husband supported him when a conflict occurred with his mother -in -law.

The video sparked a debate about marriage and mother -in -law relationship in China.

Leaving him as soon as possible otherwise she would be more miserable, a Weibo user commented.

I think that many couples ended the marriage because of the unbearable conflict between their mother -in -law and daughter -in -law, another expressed.

Data of the Ministry of Home Affairs of China published in July showed that 514,000 couples registered divorce in the first quarter of Sichuan province, southwestern China, the most divorced case from the beginning of the year,

In 2021, the Chinese government passed the law that required husband and wife to go through 30 days to soothe relations in an effort to reduce the divorce rate.

The father in Chongqing confided very angry because his wife gave birth to a daughter, did not want to name her child and wanted to divorce, made the user angry.

Chinese officials announced that they had a martyred death, who used gasoline to burn their ex -wife while she livestreamed.