He is relying on the vaccine to fight Delta and their defeat will be a valuable lesson with the globe in the war to push back Covid-19.

When he was in April to escape one of the most stringent and longest blocks in the world, they had an excuse to believe that the worst of Pandemic Covid-19 was over.


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Prime Minister Boris Johnson has no successful praise of the campaign to deploy vaccination and promise a cautious but irreversible route to help remove almost every restriction and bring the country back to normal on the day

But the upper deadline was delayed and the normal feeling seemed to be something far away for the British people.

People lined up outside a Covid-19 vaccination center in London, England, June 20.

Although nearly two-thirds of the adults in the UK were vaccinated with enough nose, the country was facing the risk of facing the third Covid-19 wave.

Hospitals and deaths are rising back but the speed is still relatively slow, showing that the benefits of vaccines also turn on the difficult nature of the new pandemic period in the UK.

Therefore, he now becomes an important trial to help the world to assess the battle between vaccines and strains, which is the first example of a large country with a high vaccination rate.

This strain is likely to change the trend of pandemic in your country, Deeppti Gurdasani, senior epidemiologist at Queen Mary University in London, England, told CNN.

The impact of the vaccine in the UK was clear.

A study by the British Public Health Authority (Phe) published this month shows that both Pfizer-Biontech and Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccines are highly effective, 96% and 92% respectively, helping to prevent the risk

The other analysis of the faction of hospitalists also shows the same level of protection similar in those who are fully vaccinated.

With the vaccine being provided to all people aged 18 and over, the New Minister of Medicine British Sajid Javid announced he did not see any reason to take a new opening deadline on July 19.

Prime Minister Johnson on June 29 said it could possibly return to life before Covid at this time.

However, some countries are still extremely cautious, starting to impose more strict control rules with people from the UK in an effort to prevent the infiltrating Delta strains.

Germany last week opened the border with foreign guests who were fully vaccinated but he was not on the list.

Even inside the UK, some experts who are concerned officials are ignoring important lessons on Delta's transformation.

What we are seeing is the danger of the strategy relying only on vaccines, Gurdasani said.


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Delta strains now cause most new cases in the UK.

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel Meanwhile warning the European Union is in the situation standing on the thin band in the battle with Delta, worrying about this strain will smash every effort of the continent during the past time to reduce

Before the danger of the Delta transformation, experts in the UK are urging the government and the community to change awareness about Covid-19.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson injection of the second vaccine at Francis Crick in London on June 3.

Many people have symptoms like seasonal flu or even like allergy of pollen, Gurdasani said.

Some countries have added new symptoms of Covid-19 infection.

But in the UK, three symptoms of Covid-19 need to conduct unchanged tests since translation outbreaks so far, including fever, coughing and changing taste or sense.

This is different from data on the addict-effective apps for Covid-19 Zoe's epidemiological epidemiologist.

We are seeing different symptoms and many people will not realize they are with Covid-19 if they rely on signs given by the government, the Spector said.

Because the virus is spreading strongly to younger groups, experts call for officials to focus on the control strategy into a new goal: schools.

Obviously there are many cases within schools.

The British Ministry of Education said that in public schools, every 30 students had a quit school for the reason for Covid-19 in the second week of June, up from 1/83 ratio in the previous week.

The reasons include Covid-19 infection or must be separated by close contact with the positive person with Covid-19.

It has become a virus of young people and we make this happen because it does not prevent transmission in environments like schools, Gurdasani said.

The recent Delta transaction outbreaks appear in Israel's school, another country with a high vaccination rate, increasing concerns.

We need to gather their entire strategy on minimizing transmission capability, Gurdasani said.