Duterte claims to retire, but still has not found anyone who deserves his successor, though the Filipino 2022 presidential election is about to happen.

There are no people.


Photo: Philstar

President Duterte, who came to power from June 2016, is expected to end the term in 2022. According to the Philippine law, a president can only take for a 6-year term.

Duterte's PDP-Laban Party on May 31 passed a resolution to ask him to choose candidates for the presidential position, and urged him to relieve the vice president next year.

President Philippines Rodrigo Duterte spoke on television evening 5/5.

However, Duterte expressed its reluctance to this and said he was ready to retire.

The situation will be very difficult because I will retire and appoint candidates for the president.

The Statement of the President Philippines was completely contrary to Harry Roque spokesman, who declared Duterte appointed 5 potential candidates for the next election.

However, President Duterte insisted that he protested his daughter, was as Mayor Davao, to run for his succession.

Although it was not supported by his father and he also affirmed that he was released, Duterte daughter still led many polls on potential presidential candidates next year.

As a mayor of Davao, Duterte-Carpio is famous for being tough personality like Father.