Images Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev shook hands before the villa in Switzerland marked the moment of breaking glacier during the Cold War.

The talks on June 16 among US President Joe Biden and the Russian co-author Vladimir Putin recalled vivid memories of the Geneva Summit in 1985, when the rivals of Cold War Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev met


Photo: AFP

Although the weather in Switzerland was very cold in November, the relationship between Washington and Moscow began to dissolve when the US President and the Soviet leader met in neutral country.

36 years later, Biden and Putin met at the villa by Lake Geneva, but this meeting brought less hopes.

Leader of Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev (left) and US President Ronald Reagan in Switzerland in November 1985.

Former reporter AFP Didier Lapeyronie, who reported on Reagan - Gorbachev talks, said that in the 1985 summit, the atmosphere was very comfortable, both had to prepare something to get the other side

We all aware that it was a historical moment, Lapeyronie said.

The summit had a bad start.

Taking place 6 years before the Soviet Union disbanded, the Geneva Summit in 1985 focused on reducing the nuclear armed armed escalators between the two superpowers, accompanied by hope to promote beautiful and western relations

One of the most impressive photos from the summit is the two most powerful men on the planet sitting on the armchair on the fireplace, smiling together, like a cozy fire side conversation between two people

Reporters also recorded images of two Ladies Raisa Gorbacheva and Nancy Reagan Chat Chat with a cup of tea.

Another impressive moment represents the release of the first handshake between Gorbachev and Reagan, lasting 7 seconds.


Photo: AFP

US President Ronald Reagan (left) and the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev shook hands at Fleur d'Eau in 1985. Photo: AFP.

Claude Smadja, former Vice Chief Editor-in-editor TSR TSR, who witnessed the historical moment, said that because the US side chose the villas as the first day of the talks, Reagan was present

Reagan has a very American handshake, very California.

Only when Gorbachev came to the villa, Christiane Berthiaume, who worked for Canadian radio, realized the importance of this moment.

No a journal asked Gorbachev when he stepped out of the car.

However, the US delegation and the Soviet Union have absolutely do not provide information for communication until the summit ends.

The Swiss landlord also stated the gap between the two superpowers, to the assistant of Swiss president Kurt Furgler, Walter Fust, who had to prepare for the president of two different welcome speeches, for the difference

Cultural differences are also evident in the behavior of the two delegations.

Meanwhile, Nancy Reagan wants to replace mineral water bottles supplied by the owner with American bottles.