At least three people were killed in the shooting occurred today at the graduation ceremony of a university in the capital Manila, Philippines.

The city chief of the city of Quezon Remus Medina said the shooting seemed to be an assassination conspiracy against Ms. Rose Furigay, former Mayor of the southern city of Lamitan, who was also present at the graduation ceremony of law school students.


Photo: Phil Star.

Police blockade the scene of the shooting scene at the University of Ateneo De Manila, Philippines, on 24/7.

Former Mayor of Furigay was shot when preparing to attend her daughter's graduation ceremony and did not survive.

He looked like a risk assassin, Mr. Medina said and added that the suspect brought two pistols.

The attacker, without relatives attending the graduation ceremony, is originally from Lamitan, Basilan Province, the stronghold of the Abu Sayyaf force, the extremist group to support the Islamic State (IS) notorious with the cases.

Ateneo De Manila University canceled the graduation ceremony after the incident.