French capital officials announced the cancellation of the plan to build new buildings around the Eiffel Tower because people protested the tree.

We will cancel all construction plans at the foot of the tower, but will still re -build the landscape, Paris Emmanuel Gregoire said today.


Photo: AFP

The decision was made after environmental guardians and nearly 150,000 signed for petitions to protest the plan for months.

The campaigners expressed their plans to be canceled and the trees were preserved.

Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The project of re -building the landscape is part of a big plan to rearrange the space around the Eiffel Tower, the attraction of tourists of the capital Paris, including grass and shrubs on roads and public sectors.

The 54 -hectare area around the tower, which includes many streets, will be converted into areas for pedestrians and low -impact vehicles such as buses and bicycles.

The Eiffel Tower attracts about 150,000 tourists every day in the peak summer, with 20,000-30,000 people climbing up the tower.

In the midst of the heat, the temperature on the asphalt outside the Opera Garnier Theater in Paris up to 56 degrees Celsius, when the surrounding is not green.

Square in the center of District 16, Paris, named Do Huu Vi, who died when fighting in the French Air Force during World War I. 5