President Emmanuel Macron on September 25, the French announcement will double the number of Vaccine Covid-19 sent to poor countries to speed up global vaccination.

The injustice is in other continents, obviously, the vaccination speed is very slow, the French President speaks in a video played at the global citizen concert in the Paris capital.


Photo: Reuters.

This number is more than the number of vaccines who have been injected with this in France, President Macron adds.

French President Emmanuel Macron spoke in Athens, Greece, on September 17.

In his notice, Macron also said that France will coordinate with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in an effort to help African countries implement vaccination.

France will also transfer 20% of the special funding they receive from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for projects to re-launch the economy of African countries.

If large powers do the same as France, we will reach 100 billion USD for Africa, he added.

France so far reports 6,989,613 cases and 116,449 deaths for Covid-19, up to 6,012 and 29, which is the 7th largest translation area in the world.

Matshidiso Moeti, Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Africa, in the middle of the month warning of disturbing inequality and serious delays in vaccination is at risk of turning areas in Chau

According to WHO, Africa can only be vaccinated for 50 million people, equivalent to 3.6% of the population.

The world recorded 232,141,914 cases of NCOV and 4,751,635 deaths, up 372,002 and 5,680 respectively, while 207,030,381 people recovered, according to real-time Worldometers statistics.

The Netherlands reported 1,994,901 cases and 18,149 deaths, increased compared to the day before 1.592 and two shifts.

Hundreds of people on September 25 poured down the way to protest against the government asking for citizens to present Covid-19 green card as evidence of vaccination when entering restaurants, bars and cinemas and districts

However, in fact, most Dutch people support the application of Covid-19 Green Card and major criticism comments from the restaurant and hotel.

According to Horeca Nedersland Hotel Association, more than 40% of the owners of restaurants, the bar has no plans to ask customers to present Covid-19 Green Card, thinking that this policy will significantly affect recovery momentum

A few hours after requesting a Green Card or Covid-19 negative test certificate, the government of the Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte fired a senior official because publicly questioning the above measure.

Prime Minister Rutte's office said Mona Keijzer's Economic Minister was fired because he had a comment against the policy of the cabinet on an important issue.

Japan recorded 1,689,899 cases and 17,421 deaths, up to 2,093 and 46 cases respectively.

The Ministry of Health is conducting re-evaluating the health system to be prepared to respond to the 6th Covid-19 waves, after many people die at home because they are not treated in the outbreak

In addition to requiring health facilities to ensure enough beds, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Japanese Welfare also plans to increase the number of temporary treatment facilities and improve human resource coordination.

In the discussion with local governments on September 14 on establishing a medical and long-term health system to treat Covid-19 patients, the Ministry of Health emphasizes the importance of maintaining balances

According to the Ministry of Health, cases are tended to increase in both countries who have implemented the vaccination program before Japan, so the risk of outbreaks is completely capable.