Flights bringing strongly from Canada to China to watch the most in the sky on September 25.

As of 19:00 yesterday, there were more than 9,500 users on the FlightTradar24 flight monitoring site to observe the journey of the plane to bring the Financial Officer Huawei Chronic Chu from Vancouver, Canada, about Shenzhen


Photo: Xinhua.

The airline's hire-leased flight of Airline CA552 is the only international flight scheduled to land at Shenzhen Bao An Airport on September 25.

At the end of the day, he waved to the aircraft door at Bao An Shenzhen Airport, China, on September 25.

While Chinese Internet users are particularly interested in repatriation journey of strong, many speculation have spread related to the route to bring her to the country, in which some people believe it deliberately

It seems to agree with this explanation, in a tweet, FlightTradar24 posted a photo of the flight by the North Pole by the other image to see a typical route from Vancouver to Hong Kong, go

According to an anonymous Chinese aviation expert, specialists fly from Vancouver to Guangzhou, a place near Shenzhen, often do not follow the flight of strong flight.


Photo: FlightRadar24.

The road of the aircraft took the Financial Officer Huawei strongly to the country on September 25.

The flight was strong to replicated to Shenzhen airport around 21:50.

The video was played directly by China Central Television (CCTV), showing that she walked on the red carpet that was spread to the foot of the plane, the Huawei staff stood around welcome and a guardian wearing a protective suit for her one

A few hours before the plane landed, hundreds of Chinese people to the airport in Shenzhen showed a welcome banner and shouted the patriotic slogans.

Manh Chu was released at the trial in Vancouver city of Canada on September 24, a few hours after US prosecutors in New York announced an agreement suspending frauds for her.