North Korea said he was willing to consider organizing a summit with Korea if the two sides assured the spirit of mutual respect.

In the announcement of September 25, Kim Yo-jong, the First Vice Chairman of the Central Labor Party Central Committee, the Leaders of Kim Jong-un, emphasizing the inter-Korean summit can take place,


Photo: Yonhap

I think only when maintaining the objectivity and attitude of respect for each other, there is a clear understanding between the North - South, Kim Yo-jong.

Kim Yo-jong, sister leader Korean Kim Jong-un.

I felt the extremely strong wish of Korea to restore inter-Korean relations, bringing it out of the deadlock and achieving peace, stability as soon as possible, she added.

The above comments were given a day after North Korea called on the US and South Korea to abandon the hostile policy and dual standards for Pyongyang, if they want negotiations to terminate the Korean War 1950

Pyongyang previously said it was too early to end the Korean War, as this means Washington will end hostile policy.

Seoul and Pyongyang in theory still in war status because of the Korean War 1950-1953 ended with the Family War, not a peace treaty.