While Haiti struggled political stabilization after the presidential event was assassinated, the risk of gang war began to group.

The assassination of President Jovenel Moise last week to push Haitian government into chaos.


Photo: AP.

The country of the Caribbean region not only lost his head, but Congress also almost did not exist.

The relationship between politicians and gangs in Haiti has existed for a long time.

People in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti must fled to a shot in June after the gangs burned the house.

Outside armed armed groups on the island increase with dizzying speed over the past few years.

The state of gang violence is mainly concentrated in Port-au-Prince, but still affects social life across Haiti.

The country changes the form into a giant desert.

For example in June, a camp for earthquake victims in 2010, including dozens of disabled people, was looted by gangs.


Photo: AP.

Two hands a gang in Haiti holding a gunfire guns operating in the La Saline slums, Haiti's Port-au-Prince capital in May 2019.

Thousands of people in the capital Haiti are living in the same situation.

Meanwhile, criminal organizations continue to steal thousands of rice, sugar and wheat flour from warehouses for civilians.

Criminals have unprecedented organizational and power levels.

Jimmy Cherizier, commander G9 gang alliance, claiming the country is being hosted by a group of power people.

Cherizier is a former police and is believed to be the authorized party allies.

We will hold the weapon strain the enemy to protect the people Haiti.


Photo: Reuters.

The leader of Jimmy Cherizier and juniors in Port-au-Prince on June 23.

The press conference of the G9 leader constructed with a threat to the gang alliance to claim justice for the president.

The special battle message causes concerns when Haiti plans to organize local elections and general elections in September and November. This is a way out for the current political crisis in the Caribbean region,

According to Mathias Pierre election minister, some political forces can take advantage of criminal gangs to intervene.

The state of gang violence escalated was also the cause of Prime Minister Claude Joseph asking the US to support the support.

We cannot overcome elections.