Between the eastern cemetery Kalimantan, Indonesia, the 13-year-old boy wears protective clothes between the two graves.

Arga School boarding school and often sent by parents to do home food.


Photo: AFP

However, Arga's mother had no chance to read the loving letter of his son.

Arga's father died on Thursday, it didn't know because we didn't dare notify.

At a house in New Delhi, India, Pratham, 5 years old, always asks every parents whenever they don't see them home.

The story of Arga or Pratham is not particularly in the pandemic period.

Every two deaths because Covid-19 in the world is a removed child, obsessed with the death of parents or nursing people.

We need fast action because every 12 seconds passed a child to lose a caregiver for Covid-19, Lucie Cluver, Oxford University expert, co-author to study with orphans in pandemic, scene

Two twin sisters in India lost their parents because Covid-19 was transferred to their relatives in Bhopal province in June: AFP.

Hillis jointly evaluated his orphans because Covid-19 has not been strictly cognitive developed countries, especially in the perspective of young nursing people.

Elderly people make up the majority of death from NCOV infection and the situation of grandparents who are the main caregiver for children quite popular in countries.

The orphanage and loss of nurturing is an underground pandemic, a consequence of high deaths related to Covid-19, the group of international experts stressed.

The pandemic makes care of children in general and orphans because Covid-19 in particular is more difficult.

Experts are concerned that the number of orphans in a pandemic actually higher than the figure in the study.

Before the Delta transformation broke out in a series of states, the US estimated that more than 113,000 children lost the pillars for Covid-19.

In Indonesia, the Department of Social Welfare requires hospitals to record information about patient family members, so that the government can support their children as needed.

The problem is that this process works not smooth when CA Covid-19 increased sharply.

To support orphans for pandemic, the US and many Western countries based on children's sponsoring agencies (CPS) to verify information about children who lose nurturing people.

However, Santi, officials of Indonesian Social Welfare, said many families with economic difficulties because Covid-19 should not be able to adopt orphans, even if it is their nephew.

Some countries rely on the community to overcome blind points in the child sponsoring system, typically India.

In my life, I have never seen many people died in such a short time.

The government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 15 put into operation portal for people to announce orphan children because of Covid-19.

Earlier two months, India established a special social welfare fund dedicated to orphans for Covid-19.

At Andhra Pradesh, the bank account is named by the government and the beneficiary.

The Indian government also supports education and health insurance costs for orphans by 18 years old.

In Delhi, local leaders on July 6 started a special allowance program for Covid-19 victims.

The state of Karnataka supports about 47 USD / month for orphans for Covid-19.

Bidisha Pillai, Global Policy Manager for STV and leadership activities in India, note that children lose their father or mother or both parent because Covid-19 is at high risk of pushing into poverty and abused

Can't let the pandemic have more victims, even indirectly.