The general and immunocutrological committee said that the Astrazeneca vaccine should not be used for people under 30 years of age due to side effects.

Wei Shen Lim, president of Covid-19 Deal of the General Committee for Immunization and Immunity (JCVI) Based on data and evidence available, the Committee recommends that adults under 30 years old are not available


Photo: Reuters

A person injecting Vaccine Covid-19 in the UK on March 29.

"We do not recommend a stop injecting any vaccine for any individual in any age group. We are giving advice that this type of vaccine is prioritized for another particular age group.

The recommendation was given after his MHRA Pharmaceutical Authority determined that the Astrazeneca vaccine could have a rare sealing effect.

MHRA June Raine's leadership confirmed the benefits of vaccinations greater than the risk, similar to the views of the European Health Authority.

Jonathan Van-Tam, his senior health official, said it will have a negligible impact on the speed of immunizations of the country.