Not long after taking office, Biden punished Russia and Myanmar, although this measure seemed no longer suitable and opened opportunities for China.

Punishment is said to be the US favorite foreign affiliation tool when dealing with countries who cannot respond to them in a proportional way.


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However, Brahma Chellaney, a strategy house and the author of many Asian political books, indicating that when the wealth and power are declining, US sanctions are no longer "trendy

"In fact, Washington shot on his leg when watching punishment is an easy plan for any problems. Instead of becoming a hitting attack, US sanctions now often help promote

Typical examples of this view are a 25-year security and economic agreement that lasts recently signed between China and Iran.

Now, with a new agreement, China will boost further investment in Iran's main areas, strengthen national defense and establish a common bank to allow Tehran to borrow and trade in the yuan

Chinese Foreign Minister (left) and Iranian co-member Mohammad Javad Zarif in Tehran on March 27.

The US punishment for Iran can also harm Washington's allies such as India and Japan.

According to Chellaney, the consequences of sanctions that US policy plannings should be most worried now is that Russia has rotated to China, turning two opponents of Washington to become a close strategic partner of

In the beginning of March, US President Joe Biden imposed a new sanction order with Russia because of arresting an opposition to Alexei Navalny, then claiming President Vladimir Putin would have to "pay" for "US election intervention"

However, Washington has imposed many sanctions with Moskva since the country merged the Crimea Peninsula in 2014, leading to the worst relationship between the two countries in decades.

In fact, Chellaney evaluated the increasingly closeness strategic link between Russia and China symbolizes US's profound defeat of foreign policy, exposing the left side of sanctions.

"The United States can seek to re-balance relations with Russia by reducing the current hard policy heat. Strengthening sanctions MOSKVA will only handle Beijing in challenging Washington's global leader",

The expert also pointed out a paradox that the United States seemed to be "light-hearted" with China, as President Biden did not criticize the name of the President of the Wijack as with the Russian President.

The point of view that the United States abused sanctions without providing long-term vision policies shown in the case of Myanmar.

Washington's sanctions were said to have been "blown away" the entire effort to persuade General Min Aung Hlaing, head of the current Myanmar military government, supporting the democratization process.

Chellaney argues that the US is at risk of going into the "dump truck", with a series of new sanctions with Myanmar since February, including the suspension of trade relations.

"The first step to solve the problem is to give up too much sanctions, and adjust the punishment, so that they do not become a support for China," this expert said.