Being blocked by the enemy, Dmitry Malko and his teammate decided to escape by sneaking into Minsk city occupied by Germany.

In May 1945, the US Army caught Major German Rudolf Hale.


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T-28 is a series of turrets designed and manufactured by the Soviet in the 1930s, inspired by the British Vickers A1E1 Independent in World War I. Prototype T-28 Soviet Union has three turrets with dance

T-28 is mass-produced since 1933 and is considered to design the most modern medium tank design at that time.

The Soviet T-28 tank was burned after a battle.

The Soviet Union produced about 500 T-28 tanks, first deploying them during the Winter War with Finland in 1939. However, in the first phase of World War II, the large T-28 tank was in

On the morning of June 27, 1941, Major Denisovsky, the military warehouse of the special military west of West Minsk, ordered the total evacuation when the Germans were about to attack.

The next morning, the Soviet relatives moved along Mogilev highways, Malko's tanks go behind.

Malko takes a few hours to fix the car and don't catch up with the evacuation team, but still encounter another unit.

Malko's group is granted on the request to pull three T-26 tanks stuck in the swamp but not found.

At this time, the German attack was in the fierce stage, every effort to withdraw through the Mogilev highway was blocked.


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Nikolai Pedan practitioner proposes a bold plan to sneak into Minsk city being occupied by the enemy.

On the road to Minsk, they supplement fuel and ammunition from a nearby abandoned warehouse.

Each person undertook a fire position on the tank, they decided not to surrender and are willing to cause the most damage to the enemy.

T-28 T-28 tanks were seized by the Germans in 1941. Photo: Wikipedia.

The highway towards Minsk is deserted.

The car approaches Voroshilov Street, where there are many business stores.

Pre-deeper into the city, Crew T-28 encountered a German motorbike, the cars moved in straight rows like marching.

"Major Vasechkin didn't order the gun, but I felt his hand put on the left shoulder so let the car turn left. The motorbikes headed into the tank and were crushed. The rear guys turned right

After turning left into Yanka Kupala Street, the crew increased to the large amount of military vehicles, ammunition and enemy weapons.


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"The T-28 simultaneously fired firecrackers and every machine gun on the car. I had a hot bullet shell that fell into the back burns. Through the observation slot, I saw the truck exploding, creating a streak of oil flowing down

Major Vasechkin quickly ordered the tank to return and move the bridge to Gorky Park.

Kip T-28 tanks continues to fire to the enemy squad, causing many damages.

German soldiers marched near Minsk in August 1941.

Suddenly, a flash flashed in front of the observation slot of the driver when the T-28 won Germany's anti-tank fire.

The tank suddenly hit the bullet and the blind smoke fought.

"I saw Major cows out of the tank and shot German soldiers with a pistol. The two practitioners jumped off the turret but a person immediately shot died, the rest crawled to the fence. Blood constantly flows into my face

Dmitry Malko hides and escapes Minsk, then returns to his unit.

During the fighting process, the T-28 rose to destroy over 300 soldiers and destroyed 10 German armored vehicles.

The T-28 tank remained in the whole position throughout the war.