When Covid-19 infections increased mutations, causing the Indian Health System overloaded, online medical examination became salvage with many hospitals.

In April, when the number of cases skyrocketing in the second Covid-19 waves made almost all hospitals in India overloaded, Mallik Manem could not come to meet the doctor in Hyderabad to ask about Cham


Photo: Reuters.

It is also a doctor and has Covid-19, Manem, 55, understands the pressures that their colleagues suffer.

A treatment room Covid-19 patient at the hospital in New Delhi, India, in May. Photo: Reuters.

Manem can contact at the same time with 4 doctors in the US via video chat.

The importance of remote medical examination methods has increased significantly in many countries since the pandemic outbreaks.

In developing countries with outdated health systems and especially in India during the storm of Covid-19 in the spring, remote medical examination is a salvage, experts said.

According to Vikram Kapur, Leadership Management Consulting Company Bain & Co., is currently in charge of medical segments in the Asia-Pacific region, remote medical examination almost replaced on-site care for many cases

There is no national data on remote medical examination in India Song Kapur estimates the number of online medical consultations in the stage of Covid-19 the most intense outbreak has increased from 4 to 5 times compared to before translation

According to the Grand View Research Consulting and Research Company, the online health care market is expected to increase to nearly $ 300 billion in 2028, from last US $ 56 billion.

Many countries are taking remote examinations to become a fixed plan in their plans to fight new Covid-19 waves.

In India, some states are also taking remote medical examination into the plan to react with the risk of Covid-19 outbreaks in the future.

Obviously pandemic has caused remote medical care to be widely accepted globally, Sage, Gangasani, cardiologist in Atlanta, co-founder EglobalDoctors, platform connecting patients and doctors around the world,

When the number of Covid-19 cases exploded in India in the spring, EglobalDoctors also launched a few months.


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From the beginning of May to now, more than 250 doctors from the UK, US and other remote countries volunteered to perform more than 2,500 online consultations on the Eglobaldoctors platform.

Foreign doctors are not licensed to prescribe patients in India.

A volunteer doctor from the remote consultant doctor's association for medical staff at Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital in Gujarat, India.

According to Dr. Gangasani, most of the time, they focused on reassuring patients who were scared and anxious that symptoms they encountered are normal and no life-threatening.

For Indians living in a rural area without an Internet connection or smart electronics, the doctor also agrees to consult over the phone, sometimes through a volunteer group.

Foreign doctors are also called to advise the process of establishing emergency treatment areas for Covid-19 patients or how to deal with the number of hospitalizations that increase suddenly.

If you help a doctor, the doctor will help 10 other patients, Dr. Ashish Dhawan in London said.

A friend once asked Dr. Dhawan to consult the conversion of an outpatient clinic in Pune City, western India, into Covid-19 treatment area.

Volunteers from the Original British Association of Old Press with more than 65,000 daily members have remote advice for young doctors in India.

Bijal Mehta, the doctor in Mumbai participated in volunteering at Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital in a rural area of the Gujarat state, said hiring doctor from Mumbai was difficult because they did not speak the same dialect with the villagers.

I will ask to continue this relationship even if Covid-19 has passed because it is really good, he stressed.