Japan expressed concern when China strengthened military power quickly but did not show clear strategy and appeals.

China is strengthening military capabilities very quickly and we are not sure what their intention is, Japanese defense minister Nobuo Kishi told the national defense and security subcommittee of the European Parliament in the online meeting


Photo: Reuters

Leaders of NATO countries on June 14 issued a general statement, confirming that China's rise brings systematic challenges.

The Chinese delegation in the European Union (EU) opposes NATO's general statement and said that the country is committed to implementing defense defense policies.

However, China is also huge investing in aircraft carrier combat groups, which are used to attack.

Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi in talks with German officials on April 13.

Minister Kishi told the EU MPs that China's ballistic missile program, decided to increase defense budgets to 4 times compared to Japan and military operations in the country's South China Sea.

They are increasing the defense budget at a huge level.

The US Defense Ministry said the Chinese Air Force was the third largest force in the world.

China owns more than 1,250 ballistic missiles and cruise missiles from the ground with a range of 500-5,500 km, farther than the American gas.