Oka suicide aircraft pierce all the defensive classes of the Allied warship, but cannot help Japan change the war outcome.

Suicide attack (Kamikaze) is a tactic to be built by Japan to destroy warships and fear for allied forces on the Pacific Ocean.


Photo: Wikipedia

This suicide attack aircraft is identified as MXY-7 OKA.

The rising version of OKA suicide aircraft is displayed in the US.

Oka is usually Mitsubishi G4M mid-battlemed by Mitsubishi G4M to the target of about 37 km.

After separating from the mother plane, Oka will surf the target by inertia.

Oka aircraft are considered a feasible solution to deal with allied fleets, but also existed a series of disadvantages that do not achieve the desired combat performance.

Mitsubishi G4M muscles must also exchange maneuverability, range and speed to carry oka aircraft relatively heavy.

OKA pilots are often ordered to go to the suicide aircraft early to be ready to deploy when performing dangerous routes.

Japan produced a total of 850 Oka planes but only sunk an allied battleship and made 6 damaged vessels.

After the war, a series of Oka aircraft was kept at the museum, including a range version on the US displayed in the US.