Uruguay in 45 people on the plane crashed down the Andes as 50 years ago, 16 people created miracles when survived 72 days without food.

Roy Harley remembers 10 weeks he and other survivors clinging to the Andea glacier after the Uruguayan aircraft rushed to the Andes on the sixth day of October 13, 1972.


Photo: AFP

Roy Harley, one of the 16 survivors after the crash on the Andes in Chile, took photos at ViƱedos de la Tahona, Uruguay, August 15.

He and 31 survivors woke up, seeing the darkness covered at an altitude of 3,500 meters, where the temperature dropped to -33 degrees Celsius.

Some people were seriously injured.

That night, I was like in hell, Harley recalled.

In the morning, 4 more people in the group died.

I did not know what to say to describe the cold there, Carlos Paez, 68, Harley's former teammate, the survivor with him, said.

Many people think that their life will come here.

One of the most painful things is to realize that the Earth is still spinning without us, Paez, who has traveled around the world of inspiration, said.


Photo: AP

But that was also a shock that survivors had to solve the problem and find ways to escape the glacier.

Amidst the deserted, cold ice mountain, they could not find food.

We tried to eat leather chairs, cigarettes, toothpaste, Harley recalled.

The survivors in the plane crash waved to the rescue helicopter on December 22, 1972.

On the 16th day, the disaster happened again.

The snowy battle as if God stabbed us with a knife behind him, Paez said.

They take advantage of what remains from the plane to make hats, gloves, snow shoes, anti -glare glasses.

In the last desperate effort almost paid the price with life, Roberto Canessa and Fernando Parrado walked for 10 days instinctively between white snowy mountains.


Photo: AP

They tried to scream loudly, but the sound of water that made the group on the other side of the river could not hear two people.

8 survivors gathered in the fuselage of the last night before being rescued on December 22, 1972.

The next day, the first helicopters appeared.

Harley and Paez always emphasized that they were not victims.

It was an extraordinary story created by ordinary people, Paez said.

Chinese sailors fell out of the cargo ship and spent a night in the waters of many sharks living before being rescued.

A male worker who takes care of his colleagues injured in the earthquake in Sichuan and was lost on the mountain and was rescued after 17 days.