President Biden announced that the Civid-19 pandemic in the US had ended, but the government still had many things to do.

We still have a problem with Covid-19 and are doing a lot to handle, but the pandemic has ended.


Photo: AFP

US President Joe Biden spoke in Pennsylvania on August 30.

The US government still determines that Covid-19 is a public health emergency, while the World Health Organization (WHO) said that this disease is still a public emergency health cause of international concern.

Last week, the number of deaths from Covid-19 was recorded weekly at the lowest level since March 2020, WHO CEO WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebryesus said at the press conference last week.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in August adjusted the CIVI-19 guide to call the country not to apply measures such as isolation and social way, instead focusing on the prevention of the

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, USA recorded about 65,000 new CAVI-19 CAs every day for the past two weeks.

For those who are hospitalized for Covid-19, the risk of death is reduced to the lowest level since the wave of infection due to the Omicron variable, according to a study published by CDC last week.

More than one million Americans have died from Covid-19 since the pandemic broke out in this country in early 2020. The US and most of the world have returned to organize major events in the past year, but the country still loves

In the interview yesterday, Mr. Biden said the impact of the pandemic to the psychology of the Americans was deeply deeply.

When I was in office, only two million people were injected with vaccines.

Some American experts think that the number of cases should not be constantly increased because of Omicron, but others say this data is still important.

In the early summer, many Americans freely gathered, festivals, bad news of Covid-19 were over.