Indian girls about a month old were found in the floating wooden box on the Ganges River and the police opened the investigation.

Gullu Chahudhary in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, on June 14, discovered a wooden box with a bush at the edge of the Ganges while rowing.


Photo: NDTV

The girl was discovered in the wooden box floating on the Ganges, the section flows through the state of Uttar Pradesh, north of India earlier this week.

The box is lined with a red cloth, with the image of the river goddess, the gods in Hindu, accompanied by the horoscopes and the name of the baby's birthday.

However, police today announced them opened the incident investigation and unidentified anyone who would raise girls.

It is difficult to determine how long the baby has drifted on the river.

Babies are fine and are being medical care.

The Premier Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath praised Chahudhary, announced award for him a house and other benefits, but said the government would arrange to nurture the child.