Ukrainian officials announced that the military had raided Russia's logistics in Kherson, preparing for the provincial liberation campaign.

Serhiy Khlan, the Governor of the Governor of Kherson, said the Ukrainian army has ambushed an important bridge for the Russian military logistics network in the area.

Each bridge is a logistics weakness and the armed forces we are cleverly destroying the enemy's network.

A few days ago, the Ukrainian army bombarded another arterial bridge at Dnipro, located near the latest ambush.

Deputy leader of the Russian Provisional Government in Kherson confirmed with the Tass bridge in Daryivskyi hit 7 Rocket bullets, launched from the mid -range jet artillery Himars that Ukraine received from the US.

The image published on July 23 shows that Russian task force is near Kharkov province, northeast of Ukraine.

The Russian army controlled most of the Kherson province in the early stages of a special military campaign.

After withdrawing forces from Kiev and the northern provinces of Ukraine to re -organize the Donbass Front, the Russian army continued to maintain control of Kherson and the Black Sea coast, forming a strategic corridor from the peninsula.

The situation of southern Ukraine's war is not only Kherson province.

The ambush does not cause serious damage to the infrastructure for export, but hit a grain store and a fuel pump.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense said that Russia has denied the allegations of the Odessa ambush and is investigating information.

Ankara expressed concern when the attack took less than a day after Moscow and Kiev signed an agreement on a safety corridor on the Black Sea for cereal exports.

The Russian Defense Ministry does not mention the ambush at Odessa in updating the daily battle.

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On the Donbass Front, Russia accused the Ukrainian army using Grab junction to launch 10 bullets into Kievsky district in the city of Donetsk being controlled by the separatist force.

Observers said the war in the province was in a state of struggling.


Photo: Washington Post.

The US State Department confirmed two more citizens died in the region.

In Kirovograd, central Ukraine, Russia used a railway rocket and a military airport that killed at least three people and 16 injured, according to the governor of Andriy Raikovych.

Nikopol town and some areas in Dnipropetrovsk province hit the shelling at dawn, according to local military commander Valentin Reznichenko.

The Ukrainian military asserted that the raid destroyed at least one Russian air defense system and a jet cannon near the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant.

The city of Kharkov suffered a missile attack at dawn, killing at least one person.

The Ukrainian battlefield situation after nearly 5 months of fighting.

The army and the Ukrainian leaders have affirmed that they are planning to open a counterattack on the southern front.

Ukrainian units maintain pressure, but the opponent's legs were with artillery fire and terrain advantage.

The logistics routes of the Russian army west of Dnipro River are increasingly threatened, the British Ministry of Defense analyzed.

British intelligence noted Ukraine continued to artillery to stimulate Antonivsky.

The Western intelligence community thinks that Russia can find a way to open a buoy bridge on the Dnipro river but cannot verify the information.

The United Nations Human Rights Office (OHCHR) recorded 5,110 civilians died and 6,752 injured since the conflict broke out in Ukraine.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported nearly 9.6 million people who left Ukraine and nearly 3.8 million people from abroad to Ukraine for nearly 5 months of conflict.

After 150 days of conflict, Russia was putting power into the Eastern front and dealing with Ukraine forces counterattacking in the South, while Ukraine continued to be granted weapons by the West.

The declaration of expanding the target in war shows that Russia wants to control the maximum of Ukraine, and at the same time create a premise to merge these areas.