Hopefully Biden's bisexual welding has stumbled big obstacles when the Republican and democracy controversial on the 2.3 trillion USD infrastructure plan.

Controversy breaks after the Republican members oppose the infrastructure plan worth more than two trillion ambiguous USD of President Joe Biden.


Photo: AFP.

"Biden government calls this infrastructure plan. But for me, it's like a tax increase of two trillion USD," said Tate Reeves Governor of Mississippi.

The plan to build an infrastructure worth 2.3 trillion USD is announced by the US President on March 31 that goes far beyond construction commitments, when they reach almost every corner of the country.

Reeves said that Biden plans to mobilize money for a new plan by increasing corporate taxes by 28%, exceeding the ceiling of 21% by the President Donald Trump government in the tax reform plan.

He emphasized the plan to spend more than 150 billion USD to encourage Americans to transfer to electric vehicles as part of the Anti-Climate Change Efforts of the Biden government.

Mississippi Roger Wicker senator said that the call to unite Biden's beset, because the US President wants to remove the achievements of the TRUMP government.

"How the President expects to have a bisexual consensus when he wants to abolish one of the key issues we have passed in 2017, which cuts the tax rate and makes the US finally become edge

President Joe Biden spoke about the infrastructure plan in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania state on March 31.

Roy Blunt, a different powerful republican senator of Missouri, said the White House under Biden made a mistake and should focus on coordinating with the Republic of the Republic through the bill based on understanding

"My advice with the White House is to win the bisexual party. Please do this according to the concept of more traditional infrastructure, then if you want to put pressure on the republican faction in Congress to implement

However, the Traffic Minister Pete Buttigieg sought to "overturn the flag" in front of Blunt and Republican members, portrayed them as "pagan" deliberately against the bill that the Democratic Party expected

"We are seeing a lot of people who support the US job plan," Buttigieg told NBC.

Vermont's Senator Bernie Sanders also appreciated President Biden's plan.

Opinion of many Republicans said that Biden's plan did not focus on simply infrastructure, Sander said "Road, Bridge and Tunnel is infrastructure. But I think many of us

Although saying to win the Republican support for this plan, Biden so far has not shown any signs of reducing ambition in the infrastructure budget package to attract votes from plus members

Jennifer GRanholm Energy Minister does not rule out the possibility of the infrastructure bill adopted in the form of bisexual consensus, but also implicitly implies the possibility that the democratic faction will decide to promote the ambition plan of the ambition

"As President Biden said, he was elected to devote to the United States. And if most Americans, regardless of the Democratic Party or Republic, throughout the country supporting the plan to spend the country and not

To overcome the attempt to prevent Filibuster form (sending a constant statement to prevent the Senate through the bill) from the Republican side, the Democratic Party seems to be ready to launch a "budget comparison

This weapon was applied by democracy to pass the Covid-19 relief package without a vote from the Republican faction.

However, Sander, Chairman of the Budget Committee, predicting the Democrats in the Senate will reach consensus on the infrastructure budget package.