Poland recommends that its citizens immediately leave Belarus, in the context of the relations between the two tensions related to the conflict in Ukraine.

We recommend that Polish citizens are on the territory of the Republic of Belarus immediately leaving the country by all commercial and private plans, the Polish government announced on October 10.


Photo: Reuters.

Warsaw thinks that the Polish in Belarus is facing the suppression from Minsk, with some community heads that have been arrested.

Belarus has not commented on this information.

Poland issued a warning after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine escalated.

Poland in September also made the same recommendations to citizens in Russia, close allies of Belarus.

People at a border gate between Poland and Ukraine in Medyka, Poland, on February 24.

The relationship between Warsaw and Minsk began to deteriorate since 2021, when Poland accused neighboring countries to set up an immigration crisis on the border.


Photo: WP

President Belarus Alexander Lukashenko on October 10 accused Ukraine planning to attack the country.

Poland belongs to the Eastern European national group in calling for economic punishment, even military, with Russia and Belarus.

Commenting on Duda's proposal, Deputy Deputy spokesman for US State Department Vedant Patel, said the US had no plans to deploy nuclear weapons to the territory of NATO member countries to join the alliance after 1997.

The position of Belarus and Poland.

President Lukashenko said Belarus was facing the risk of nuclear attack from Poland, after Warsaw asked Washington to share this weapon.

President Lukashenko announced that Belarus and Russia would form a military force to deal with tensions on the Western border.