On a program, bowl, former editor-in-chief of Harper's Bazaar magazine, asking questions: Is it enough for 650 NDT (101 USD) enough to eat in a day?

We have to eat more kindly, I can't eat with such a low standard, to speak in the actual television show 50 km peach hoa umbrella, where 15 celebrities live together for 21 days.


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Unexpectedly before her comment, the network users expressed their daily money for less than 30 yuan.

To bring, former Editor-in-Chief of Harper's Bazaar China magazine.

Despite the bowl, the nic of nickname of Chinese women's brands, all the fact that it was all misunderstood - 650 NDT was the money to eat for her entire time in the program, the public still couldn't be ignored.

Earlier this year, Dieu An Na, the second daughter of the Founder of Huawei, Non-Chinese Network users called the Secretary of Huawei, also caused an indignation on the network when she said that her life was not easy

I have never considered myself a 'princess'.

Share on Weibo account, 23-year-old girl, the daughter of entrepreneurs owning a property worth about 1.4 billion USD, said the signing of the entertainment company is a special birthday present

For many years, Chinese rich people often likes to show off, showing off the car and handbags on the network, causing them to follow them.

People like To and Dieu are being criticized because the public believes that celebrities and Phu Nhac (children of the rich house) are not worthy of their high income.

The public complained that while stars easily earned ruffled money, they worked hard but earned less money, Dr. Jian Xu from Deakin University, who studied medium media culture


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Dieu An Na, the daughter of the Huawei boss said.

Dr. Haiqing Yu, professor of communication research at RMIT Melbourne University, added that the comment of the bowl brought about the meal makes people angry because it revealed what China was trying to hide - some people

Greatly poor distance in China is very large.

According to the Report of the Hurun Report, the Chinese-rich world earned a record of 1.5 billion USD by 2020, nearly half of his GDP.

Therefore, the rich people show off their property to show off to not understand.

For a long time, Chinese people think they can achieve common prosperity - what the former Leader Deng Xiaopes asserted will be the goal, even if it means some people and zones.

But after more than 40 years the country is open, the rich are more richer and others lag the rear and feel depressed, helpless, Dr. Xu said.

Sometimes anger becomes more serious because the public often expects celebrities to contribute more to society and have good images.

What is 160 million yuan?


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Actor Trinh Dam.

But the public is even more uncomfortable because of the world when it is entangled in the groves of pregnancy - illegal activities in China.

This is also the reason in 2018, the public is not very sympathetic with A Bingbing actress when she is managed for tax evasion, even though the actress is one of the most popular stars in the country.

Experts also argue that the public despises the exhibition of wealth because she feels so lack of culture.

However, Chinese people still love to use brands.

Therefore, the rich must avoid controversial by showing underground.

For example, people with influence on Mengqiqi77 have complained about Weibo that there is not enough electric car charging station in her neighborhood.

Another time, she commented that her husband was too saving when wearing Zegna's cashmere fabric with only 30,000 yuan.

Of course, not long after, such posts also make users an eye.

One person proposed how to provoke Versailles writers.