Russia announced support to bring people from the new Kherson province to merge, after the Moska government proposed help before Ukraine's counterattack.

The Government decided to support the people of Kherson province to Russia's regions.


Photo: AFP

The decision was made after the Russian province's leader appointed Vladimir Saldo to call for residents to evacuate in the context of fierce fighting.

The cities in Kherson suffered missile attacks every day.

Ukrainian soldiers patrol in the village near the boundary of Kherson province on October 7.

According to Mr. Saldo, this area suffered serious damage because the number of Rocket ambushes is increasing and the civil infrastructure is being targeted.

Kherson, in southern Ukraine, is one of the four Russian provinces to merge last month.


Photo: Guardian

Any major loss in Kherson will limit Russia approaching Crimea, the Russian peninsula merged in 2014 and Ukraine repeatedly announced it would regain it.

War in southern Ukraine.

Merging 4 Ukraine provinces, Putin not only wanted to create a political victory, but also expected to achieve a strategic position and increase economic pressure with Kiev, according to experts.

Instead of massively counterattacking, small attacks on the Russian route could be the key to helping Ukraine win the victory in Kherson.