The Russian forces displayed the Himars jet shells obtained after the shelling that killed dozens of Ukrainian prisoners in Yelenovka.

The Russian Military Television Zvezda today published the image of Yelenovka prison camp in Donetsk province, eastern Ukraine, where the artillery was killed on July 29, killing at least 53 Ukrainian prisoners and nearly 100 injured.


Photo: Reuters

Investigators have obtained many pieces of Himars artillery shells like this.

The Russian debris declares the Himars artillery at the Yelenovka Prison Camp, eastern Ukraine.

In the video, the detention center was destroyed and completely burned down.

The Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) claimed to and the Russian Ministry of Defense accused Ukraine using Himars jet artillery to raid the prison camp.

The Ukrainian forces denied the allegations, declaring not to shell the Yelenovka residential area, even saying that Russia intentionally fired firecrackers to the detention center to accuse Ukraine 'committing war crimes', as well as hiding behavior.

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Himars is a rash on a series of self -propelled rules placed on the tire chassis.

Himars could help the Ukrainian army attack deeper into the Russian route.

The Russian military said 40 Ukrainian prisoners were killed, 75 injured after the Himars jet attack on the prison in Donetsk province.

Ukraine called on the international criminal court to investigate the artillery shell of prisoners near Yelenovka, allegedly this was a Russian war crime.