The Cyprus Republic can take advantage of newly discovered mines to become a large gas supplier for Europe, but face many challenges.

As the battle of gas burned with Moscow became more and more tense, many European countries are trying to find supply to replace Russian energy.


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Realizing the potential from energy export activities, the Cyprus Republic, the small island nation in the Mediterranean, has considered gas exploration as a strategic priority.

The American Chevron and Shell corporations, along with the Israeli Newmed Energy, are operating the Aphrodite mine and will soon drill another well.

Liquefied natural gas storage port (LNG) Vasiliko on the Mediterranean coast in Mari village, Cyprus Republic, May 25.

Energy Minister Cyprus Natasa Pilides earlier this week said Europe was the top destination for unused gas source at the Aphrodite mine.

Europe is a very potential customer with Cyprus gas, when the EU determined that the gas was an intermediary fuel for the green conversion process until 2049, Pilides said.

Minister Pilides also noted that the goal of reducing the Russian Russian energy dependence will certainly create a favorable environment for other gas suppliers.


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Aphrodite is not the only gas field of Cyprus.

Italian Energy Energy Group and Totalenegies at the beginning of the year also drilled with gas exploration off the waters and discovered the Calypso mine with the same reserves as Glaucus.

The process of developing the Aphrodite mine has been delayed due to disagreements on production sharing between partners with the Cyprus government, according to Reuters.

The domestic market and infrastructure for export of Cyprus are limited.

The location of Aphrodite, Glaucus, CalaPso gas fields in the Cyprus Republic on the Mediterranean Sea.

Many things have changed since then.

But Cyprus still faces many challenges ahead.

Infrastructure for export gas to Europe is also a difficult problem.

Cyprus will take a few more years to start exploiting gas from newly discovered mines, according to Irana Slay, Oilprice's veteran commentary in the field of energy.

Russian gas transferred pipes for Europe.

Russian -European gas tensions started in the end of February, regarding the EU sanctions and increasing heat because Moscow responded.

The EU considers the reduction of gas consumption as a big step in Russia's dependence, but also shows how vulnerable European Energy Security is.