Russia declared more than 560 Ukrainian soldiers died, dozens of armored monks and two aircraft were destroyed in the unsuccessful counterattack in Kherson.

At the direct order from Zelensky, the Ukrainian army on the day tried to attack in three directions in the provinces of Nikolaev and Kherson.


Photo: RIA Novosti

In the fight, 26 Ukraine tanks, 23 infantry fighting vehicles and 9 other destroyed armored vehicles, two Su-25 triggers were shot down.

Ukraine has not commented on the damage given by Russia.

Russian soldiers in Kherson province, southern Ukraine on August 15.

Earlier, the Southern Ukrainian army spokesman Natalia Humeniuk said that the country's forces began to attack in many directions, including the Kherson province, but refused to state the details to ensure the secret.

Humeniuk said attacks on Russia's logistics in southern Ukraine made them weak, but admitted that the opponent was still very strong and strengthened over the past time.

The Russian government established in Novaya Kakhovka, Kherson province, asked the people to go to the shelter by the Ukrainian army in a row.


Photo: NY Times

The Ukrainian army at the end of May opened a small -scale attack to the southern province of Kherson, where Russia controlled from the beginning of the war.

However, there were many doubts about this campaign even though Ukraine was aid to the US and European allies worth billions of dollars.

The Ukrainian battlefield situation after more than 6 months of fighting.

The Ukrainian army announced the opening of many counterattacks, including the direction of the southern Kherson province, but admitted that the Russian forces here were still very strong.

Ukraine announced the opening of a big counterattack campaign in Kherson for months, but was skeptical because there was no advanced move in the field.