Russian helicopters seem to be using LMUR armor missiles capable of shooting windows to raid a series of military targets in Ukraine.

The Russian Air Force on July 28 raided the target in the Topolinoye village area in the southern Kherson province with high precision weapons, causing a battalion of the 60th Infantry Brigade to completely lose the ability to fight.


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The Russian military also posted videos from the missile probe, showing that the bullet route was constantly adjusted while rushing to the target.

Russia does not indicate the type of weapon used, but military experts say this is a light multitasking missile (LMUR), one of the most powerful weapons ever developed for helicopters.

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Russia has continuously published images of these missile attacks for nearly two months.

The words on the screen are covered to ensure the secret of weapons, but the AS-BPLA words appear in some videos.

The LMUR project was first revealed in 2007, with the goal of developing a light missile for helicopters.

In 2012, the Russian Federal Security Agency (FSB) ordered KBM manufacturer to develop the IZDELIYE 305 project to build long-range surface-to-air missiles for Mi-8MNP-2 helicopters deployed in the Kavkaz region.

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This type of missile is equipped with a two -way data transmission line, allowing the image of the image to transmit the transder from the helicopter and receive the control command from the operating team.

The LMUR testing on the Mi-8MNP-2 helicopter takes place in the period of 2015-2016, the mass production line was started shortly after.

Despite being described as a light -ranked missile, LMUR is twice as much as surface -to -air missiles such as 9m120 Ataka and 9M123 Khrizantema are often equipped on Russian armed helicopters.

LMUR carrying 9B-77755 thermal photo probes developed by the Mniti Institute in Moscow, and the automatic steering system used to navigation inertia, radio height measuring equipment, BNAP-305 satellite navigation compatible with

In the basic fighter mode, the missile is launched towards the target in the vision.

The second method has never appeared on surface -to -earth missiles from Russian helicopters, in which the bullet is launched towards the target outside the vision or being shielded by obstructions.

The fire missile, flying to the suspected area with targets thanks to the automatic steering system and satellite positioning.

A lmur bullet in the installation state.

The Russian Defense Ministry did not announce the number of LMUR missiles that had received, but experts estimate that the Russian military was paying at least 200 bullets, not to mention the quantity available in FSB's reserve.

It is not clear that the type of helicopter is equipped with LMUR missiles when fighting in Ukraine.

Russia released a video of the Kalibr missile launcher into Ukraine's Odessa city on July 23, while the scene video showed the moment the missile exploded.

The Ukrainian air defense acknowledged the three-rail missile trio oniks, KH-22 and Russia's Iskander are extremely difficult weapons to intercept.