Three Chinese battleships and two Singapore fleet defense households rehearsed in the south of the South China Sea to enhance mutual understanding.

RSS Steadfast and RSS Supreme of the Navy of the Singapore Navy on September 22 participate in the Content of Content Contact and coordinated rehearsals (PASSEX) with Hohhot destroyer, Hoang Son fleet guards and Lac Ma Lake Feeders


Photo: BQP Singapore

CCTV channel reported Chinese and Singapore battleship participating in training departments to set up communications and moves according to the team with the Hohhot destroyer.

Singapore supreme guards then rehearsed and supplemented logistics with Lac Ma Ho.

The Chinese and Singapore naval battleship rehears on September 22.

The Ministry of Defense Singapore said the general rehearsal with China was a common activity to improve mutual understanding and strengthen friendship with foreign naval forces.

The Chinese and Singapore Navy in February also held a general rehearsal in the south of the South China Sea.