When the German German elected the Prime Minister on September 26, Europe will also have to choose a new leader to change Merkel, but no one is really the place.

In nearly 16 years of German leaders, Prime Minister Angela Merkel has actually become a representative for Europe in the international arena and is an important powerful intermediary of the European Union (EU), which has been tested


Photo: Reuters.

When Merkel ended the term after the election, Germany will continue to maintain its tremendous influence in the EU.

The fact that she retreated to the backstage was the first time in a decade to create opportunities for EU other leaders to assert themselves and their vision to Europe.

German Prime Minister Angela Merkel spoke before the House of Representatives in Berlin in June. Photo: Reuters.

Some remarkable names have appeared in the race.

But many analysts, politicians and diplomats agree that both of them have not really afford to go and go to the shoe of Merkel Prime Minister.

The Merkel left the school has created a defect of a leadership role, a hole in the heart of Europe, Giovanni Orsiana, Director of the State Management School of Luiss Guido Carli in Rome, Italy, commented

There will be marked changes in the balance of power and other European leaders will have to stand up to take on the role of the Prime Minister Merkel, according to an EU senior diplomat.

It cannot be done only by one person, which is the job of a group of people, he said.

Merkel was expected to leave the mission immediately after the election.

After that, anyone who succeeds her in three Armin Laschet candidates from the German Christian Democratic Union Party, Olaf Scholz from the German Social Democratic Party and Annalena Baerbock from the Green Party, will need time to stabilize also


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If you're still an EU member, the role of a leader can completely transfer to London.

Therefore, many people are heading towards Paris.

The German election will be considered the opportunity for them to reset its position.

Macron was prepared for this moment.

Macron spent years of outline his vision with Europe.

In 2017, after the election in Germany, he had a speech at the University of Sorbonne, argued that the best reaction to the rise of ethnicism was to acknowledge the EU shortcomings as too weak, too weak

German Prime Minister Merkel and French President Macron met at Elysee Electricity, Paris on September 16.

He stressed this topic many times.

French President recently took the US chaotic army in Afghanistan and the controversial nuclear submarine agreement between the US, England with Australia to reiterate to reiterate the call to build a strategic independent position for

Other EU leaders have said they stood towards the French in controversy about the Australian submarine deal and they were also equally disappointed in happenings in Afghanistan.


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The role of Macron as European leaders are likely to depend on the progress he achieved after France in January to take the term of the 6-month alternating chairman of the European Union Council

Currently, Macron has tools and opportunities to fill the Merkel gap to leave, an EU official said.

In July, Politico called French President Macron and Italian Prime Minister Draghi was a new European power couple.

I think in this new period, the leadership role can be undertaken by the collective, Sandro Gozi, the former Italian politician, modernizing the French in the European Parliament.

Initially, the EU could be led by the French and Italian leaders to lead, but then, the three-legged urgent will form with the participation of Germany, Gozi predicted.

Draghi has long been made to take on a greater leadership role in the EU, according to observers.

In March, Draghi was noticeable when it stopped a lot of Astrazeneca vaccine from the EU, in the context of a shortage in the block.

But Draghi's leadership role may be affected by the main scale and influence of his country.

Prime Minister Italian Draghi (left) and French President Macron walked together before entering dinner in Marseille, France, September 2.

The problem has existed for a long time not only in whatever you are but also what you drive, Orsina from Luiss Guido Carli University said.

Support for Prime Minister Merkel is still very strong throughout Europe.