Prime Minister Truss announced the pursuit of a new development direction, emphasizing the stability after the Minister of Finance reversed almost the entire policy.

The British people want stability, which is why we are handling serious challenges in the increasing economic situation.


Photo: AFP

The British Prime Minister spokesman also acknowledged that the Government had gone too far and too fast in efforts to promote development.

Prime Minister Truss press conference in the British capital on October 14.

The speeches came after the new Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt reversed almost the entire policy of his predecessor Kwasi Kwarteng.

A series of Conservative MPs previously publicly called on Prime Minister Truss resigned, blowing hope to continue at her duty.

Prime Minister Truss won the race to win the leadership of the Conservative Party on September 5 and take office the Prime Minister a day later.

The 45 billion USD ($ 50.4 billion) tax reduction plan was announced by the Minister of Finance Kwasi Kwarteng, which had a backlash from the British financial market.

Prime Minister Truss on October 14 announced the decision to dismiss Mr. Kwarteng and canceled many parts in the ambitious economic stimulus package that she set out when taking office.

A series of conservative parliamentarians for the first time publicly called on Prime Minister Truss to resign and blow in hope to continue at her duties.

The position of Prime Minister Lizz Truss is threatened after she fired the Minister of Finance and reverse the tax cut plan.