Prime Minister Liz Truss started on October 19 with difficulties when the new statistics showed that the UK inflation reached 10.1%, the highest level in 40 years.

Her exchanges with the leader of the Party of Party Keir Starmer before the National Assembly then took place full of intense.


Photo: Reuters

This is not surprising that Truss's government has experienced turbulent days, economic stimulus packages that cause financial crisis and leads to the dismissal of Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng.

Everything did not stop, the attacks came to Ms. Truss that day.

Jason Stein, one of her longest assistants, was suspended from work on Downing Street.

A few hours later, Truss's government fell into a comprehensive crisis when British Interior Minister Suella Brateman, one of the three key ministers of the cabinet, resigned notice.

Brateman, who is considered the beloved of the conservative party, acknowledged the mistake in handling government documents.

Bravan's allies quickly criticized the Prime Minister's office was too strict and emphasized that she was forced to resign after a fierce controversy with Prime Minister Truss about the liberalization of immigration rules.

Ms. Liz Truss outside No. 10 Downing Street, London, England in January: Reuters.

In a letter filled with implicitly criticism of the government, Bravman refers to the fact that Truss refused to leave the position despite the disaster starting as the Prime Minister.

Government's work depends on people who accept to be responsible for their mistakes.

Bravman refers to that she is concerned about the government's leadership ability and noted that Truss has broken important commitments that each promise to voters.

In a desperate effort, Prime Minister Truss replaced Bravman with Grant Shapps, a former traffic minister and a close ally of the opponent who used to run as the Prime Minister with her, Rishi Sunak.

The departure of Brateman took place after Truss appointed Jeremy Hunt, neutralist in the Conservative Party and supported Sunak, as Minister of Finance.

The Congressmen of the Party now calls for an investigation after accusing a senior group of Truss who forced conservative parliamentarians to support the government's views.

Charles Walker, a Conservative MP, said it could not be tolerated for this whole thing.

Talking about the supporters of Truss, Mr. Walker shared that I hope you deserve the location in the cabinet, because the damage they cause to our Party is too big.

The Party affirmed that human resource fluctuations were a sign that Truss' government collapsed, even though it was only 6 weeks.

When fighting with Mr. Starmer in the National Assembly on October 19, among the boos of MPs, Truss confirmed that I was a warrior, not the one to give up.

But on October 20, her spokesman admitted October 19 was a very difficult day.

I could not complete the task assigned by the Conservative Party, she said.

British Prime Minister Liz Truss announced his resignation today, after only 45 days of his position, in the context of being under pressure.

Prime Minister Liz Truss apologized for the mistakes in the first 6 weeks of the term affecting the confidence of investors, but decided not to resign.

After dismissing the Finance Minister a few days ago, British Prime Minister Liz Truss now struggled to save his own chair.