The US withdrawing soldiers and talents from Afghanistan made the CIA worried about anti-terrorist intelligence.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) faces the prospect of losing a foothold in Afghanistan after two decades of operation.

An unmanned MQ-9 reaper aircraft at Nevada base, USA.

American officials are racing with the time to establish a new base near Afghanistan after withdrawing troops from the country.

Pakistan is a bright candidate for American intelligence to establish a base to continue operating in Afghanistan.

If you want to reopen this base, the US will be forced to ignore the fact that the Pakistani government has long been backed by the Taliban.

Some US diplomats also consider opening base in other Central Asian countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile, the US military intelligence and CIA are increasingly concerned about the Afghanistan situation.

So far, the US still lacks a long-term plan on the future security issue of Afghanistan after withdrawing troops, despite spending trillions of dollars and losing more than 2,400 soldiers in the war nearly two decades here.

In April, Director of CIA William Burns admitted to the Senate that the ability to collect information and threats to respond to the decline once the US military withdrew from Afghanistan.

Two decades of fighting in Afghanistan turned CIA from a spying agency into armed for sale, when conducting hundreds of units with UAV, coaching Afghanistan units, maintaining a large amount of agent


Photo: NYTimes

In the first term of President Barack Obama, the CIA sometimes mobilized hundreds of personnel to Central Asia, conducting activities beyond the traditional intelligence framework and leading to a small consequence.

Afghan Army patrolled in Helmand province in May. Photo: Nytimes.

The mid-night raids of the Afghanistan vision is trained by CIA often in alleged abuse of force and human rights violations, making public opinion transferred to support the Taliban in some regions.

US intelligence no longer has a lot of choices after the military pulls out of Afghanistan.

They can also rely on unmanned aircraft squads in the Persian Gulf.

Raid campaigns are also more risky, when the American task force will not be rapidly the hospital in crisis situations.

Pakistan is still the greatest hope for the CIA.

However, many US officials said that negotiations between the United States and Pakistan re-opening the bases for the CIA have fallen into a deadlock, and the prospects for the US intelligence agency continues to work effectively in Afghanistan still being blind clouds