Thanks to the fast sleeping blanket, Paveenut Supolwong, 3, was out of the perpetrator's sight and escaped death in the Thai kindergarten massacre.

Supolwong normally sleeps without deep sleep, but at lunch break on October 6, when the killer broke into kindergarten in Na Klang district, Nong Bua Lamphu province, northeast of Thailand, she fell asleep with a blanket boss.


Photo: Reuters.

Paveenut Supolwong was carried by her mother's home in Uthai Sawan district, Nong Bua Lampphu province, October 9.

My child is not a fast sleeping child, Panompai Sithong, Supolwong's mother.

I was also very shocked, she added.

Another relative told the local media that the surviving Supolwong was actually miracles.

Today, the family's wooden house becomes bustling when many friends and neighbors come to both to share the joy and to reflect on the tragedy that happened.

Supolwong's parents said she did not seem to have any memories of tragedy.

The suspect Panya Khamrap, 34, at noon on October 6, brought a pistol and knife into the babysitter in Na Klang district, murdered employees and children, then returned home to kill his wife and children and kill himself.