The image of the Queen Anh laughed at the 2003 husband, causing many people to guess the Philip "prank" his wife, but the reason they laughed was a bee.

When England mourned the departure of the Royal Philip, his teenage photos were widely shared: Wedding in 1947 with Elizabeth, the process he served in the Navy, dance in Canada, picked up


Photo: AP

But an image was very attentive online.

The Queen smiled at the Prince Philip in Windsor Castle on April 15, 2003.

On social networks, many people wondered what made two people laugh.

"Does anyone know the story behind this picture? I have read that the Philip Prince teases the queen by dressing like her a guard, she laughs when she realizes", the host

"I really want to know what the queen smiles so," another person wrote.

Before many speculation, Chris Young, photographer photographed, shared the real story that happened that day.

At that time, Mr. Philip was wearing the uniform of the Royal Cleaning Force with the Colonel Jower, the role he kept until 2017.

"I realized it was a very good moment. She giggled like a little girl and he also laughed," Young said.

He felt lucky to witness this moment and said in the end, a beekeeper was called to eliminate bees clinging to a chair.

British media at the time reported that the guests were forced to enter the house to avoid bees, when the beekeepers and some guards tried to handle them.

"There are two princesses there, a very excited child when he witnessed his opponent to be caught," Daily Mail wrote a day after the incident, quoted an employee at Buckingham electricity.