Washington can deploy naval vessels and strengthen maritime free campaigns on the South China Sea, according to the Filipino Ambassador in the US.

"Theodore Roosevelt carrier is in the South China Sea and this is part of the approach to ensure this area avoids all problems, allowing vessels to travel freely on international waters. US Navy has


Photo: US Navy

Theodore Roosevelt and Makin Island ships rehearsed on the East Sea on April 9.

The speech was given in the context of USS Thedore Roosevelt aircraft workership group operating in the East Sea, marking the second time this force was present in the area since the beginning of this year.

"America has made a commitment. Former Foreign Minister Pompeo ever claimed Washington would support Manila and President Joe Biden government was also enforcing that policy. This is very clear," Romualdez said, adding that he hoped

Pentagon spokesman Last week confirmed the USS Thedore Roosevelt aircraft warmer and the USS Makin Island landfill team was implemented in the South China Sea.

The modern American warship continuously entered the South China Sea in the context of Washington strengthening criticism of "threatening smaller countries in the region" of Beijing.

Stress in the East Sea increased from March 7, when hundreds of Chinese vessels anchored at the first three-year beach in the winter island, of the Spratly Islands of Vietnam, making long-term goods without catching

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Three weeks present of more than 200 Chinese fishing vessels on the South China Sea.

In the press conference on April 8, the Foreign Ministry spokesman Le Thi Thu Hang said that Vietnam was watching closely in the East Sea, protecting and enforcing sovereignty, sovereignty rights in the waters, edema

During the press conference two weeks earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman affirmed that the operation of Chinese vessels within the territorial waters of the existent existentially violated Vietnam's sovereignty, violating international law.