The situation of Covid-19 in Cambodia is complicated and officials must urge immunization as well as tough measures to prevent viruses spread.

Cambodia today reported 227 new NCOV infections, bringing the total number of people with Covid-19 to 4,515.


Photo: Reuters.

Representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) Li Ailan warned Cambodia "standing on the verge of the national tragedy" by Covid-19.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen came to receive a shipment of 600,000 doses of Vaccine Covid-19 donated by China at Phnom Penh International Airport on February 7.

New cases are mainly related to a outbreak out of February originating from the Chinese community here, collectively referred to as "20/2 community infection incident".

The latest death is a 61-year-old woman living in PNOV Prek in Phnom Penh.

In the whole 2020, Cambodia only recorded about 500 cases of Covid-19 infections, so, the number of cases up to over 4,000 today and the increase of three numbers in recent days is really a worrying sign, gender

Cambodian officials last week began to pay a ban on travel between provinces and nympadies at night in Phnom Penh and closed popular tourist destinations.

Cambodia has adopted a strict law to prevent Covid-19, clearly stating those who despise the Department of Translations that can be imprisoned for up to 20 years.

"Those who violate the epidemic measures will be convicted," said Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen on April 10 announcement on national television.

Health officials for the past two weeks, the virus has spread rapidly through restaurants, markets and other locations where people can gather eating.

WHO Representative in Cambodia Li Ailan advised even those who had vaccinated Covid-19 also needed responsible action to prevent the virus spreading a wider.

"Vaccine protects you, helping you is not hospitalized but you can still infect the virus and become intermediate to transmit them. Even if you have vaccinated, you should still stay at home, where you are the safest",


Photo: AFP

According to Li, transformational infections B.1.1.7 was first discovered in the UK also appeared in Cambodia.

Translation room staff prepared to spray a market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on April 4.

"The outbreak is far different from the previous outbreaks in Cambodia. The strain B.1.1.7 has the ability to transmit faster and make the condition become more serious. A lot of water with the system

The Campuchia Or Vandine's spokesman recently proposed the "Tet at home" movement, calling for people to not leave the house during the Khmer Chol Chony Tet.

With a new number of infections to increase rapidly and there are no improved signs, Cambodia's health system is being pushed to limits and experts.

Health officials have transformed a luxury hotel in Phnom Penh into a 500-room hospital specializing in Covid-19 treatment.

Admitting that the current orbit will make hospitals soon fall into overload, Prime Minister Hun Sen has asked the authorities to prepare for guidance for Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms to treat themselves

Cambodia is also rushing to enhance the vaccine deployment.

The Cambodian Labor Minister also gave the possibility that the non-vaccination garment workers could be banned into the factory and losing their jobs.

As of yesterday, Cambodia was vaccinated for one million people, including armed forces, civil servants and people across the country.

China has now provided Cambodia 2.8 million doses of vaccines, of which 1.3 million doses of aid and 1.5 million doses through commercial shopping.