Mechanical and Chinese fighter group on April 12 implemented the biggest operation ever in the area to identify the Taiwan air defense.

Chinese military aircraft group enters the area to identify the airstone (ADIZ) southwest of Taiwan Island on April 12 consisting of 14 versatile fighters J-16, four fighters J-10, four strategic muscle bombings

All of this force operate in the heavenly area between Taiwan Island and Dong Sa Islands managed by Taipei.

Taiwan fighter with mainland Chinese bombers in 2020. Photo: Taiwan Defense Agency.

Taipei has deployed Beijing's aircraft blocking, while the aircraft missile systems are also enabled to monitor.

The Ministry of Defense has not commented on information.

China always considers Taiwan a consistent province, even by force if necessary.


Photo: Google

The satellite image of the European Space Agency taken on April 10 showed that the Liaoning aircraft carrier group overcared Luzon straits was located between Taiwanese and the Philippines, entering the East Sea and appearing off the East Sa islands

Heavy-duty aircraft type Type-055 and a non-Type-052D air defense destroyer separated groups, moving in the north towards the Taiwan Strait.

Location of Dong Sa archipelago (red mark).

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on April 11 warned Beijing would make a mistake if changing the state of Taiwan island by force, confirming the President Joe Biden government committed to guarantee Taiwan Island "capable of self-defense

Dong Sa islands, also known as the Pratas Islands, located about 450km from Taiwan's Koot City city to the southwest, is one of the entities in the South China Sea controlled by Taiwan, but China mainland