The Turkish president accused Greece to occupy the demilitarized archipelago in the Aegean Sea, warning to act at the right time.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today accuses Greece being occupying archipelagos on the Aegean waters between the two countries.


Photo: Reuters

Ankara has repeatedly accused Athens to bring weapons to the demilitarized archipelago, but this is the first time Mr. Erdogan has declared Greece to occupy the archipelago.

Greek officials have not commented on information.

President Erdogan spoke at the NATO summit in Spain in June. Photo: Reuters.

The Erdogan government argued the Aegean sea archipelago awarded to Greece under the Treaty in 1923 and 1947 provided that the Greek airization of the region.

Ankara said that the weapons deployed by Athens to the islands near Turkey are concerns about national security.


Photo: Wikimedia

Turkey often accused the Greek armed forces that hindered the operation of military aircraft.

The Greek government repeatedly rejected the information that the country armed the islands on the Aegean sea.

4 Islands on the Aegean Sea were given to Greece in treaties in 1923 and 1947. Graphic: Wikimedia.

When the Turkish president threatened to prevent Swedish and Finland from joining NATO, Western officials were indignant but not surprising.

Conflicts related to the Kurds and western weapons sanctions are thought to be the reason why Ankara oppose NATO to admit the two Nordic countries.