US Senate through a bill package to promote domestic industry capacity, dealing with China's technology advantage.

The bill of American innovation and competition in 2021 (Usica) was passed by the US Senate on June 8 with 68 votes and 32 anti-anti-strands, of which leveled $ 190 billion to reinforce American research and technological capacity


Photo: AFP

The majority leader at the Schumer Senate conference after the vote on June 8.

The bill needs to be adopted by the US House of Representatives before moving to President Joe Biden signed approval.

The bill will allow the US to go far beyond the world in creative, production and competition in the future industries, the majority leadership at the Senate Chuck Schumer said.

The Biden government is conducting a series of steps to fight China, including consolidating US alliances and pursuing large domestic investments to enhance the competitiveness of the US economy, in the indefense

Biden's Indian-Pacific Policy Coordinator, Kurt Campbell, Kurt Campbell, last month said the period of the end of China has ended and the dominance model in the bilateral relations in the future will be competitive.

President Biden on June 3 signed an executive orders for banning US entities to invest in dozens of Chinese companies accused of being related to the fields of monitoring technology or defense.