The strains B.1.617 is raging in India who are more likely to infect the original and be placed by the WHO in the "worrying transformation" group.

"Available information shows that the ability to infect higher than the original. So we put the strains B.1.617 discovered in India into the 'worrying strain' group (VOC) on a global scale


Photo: AFP

Health workers in a Duel Health Center in New Delhi on April 27.

The VOC group consists of dangerous NCOV strains than the original thanks to the ability to infect and lethal lethal or stronger vaccines.

The strains B.1.617 was first discovered in the Vidarbha region, India's Maharashtra in December last year, which was the focus of global attention because it seemed to have caused a serious second Covid-19 wave in India.

WHO said the strain has appeared in more than 20 countries.

Pandemic Covid-19 still swept India, causing overloading the health system as well as crematorium and cemetery.