Joe Biden is scheduled to sign about a dozen executive decrees on January 20, including re-joining the Paris Agreement and ending travel bans on Muslim countries.

"During the campaign, President-elect Biden pledged to take immediate action to start solving the crises and rebuilding better," said Ron Klain, Biden's future chief of staff.


President-elect Joe Biden in Delaware on January 8 Photo: AFP

Klain said that on the first day of his term, Biden would sign about a dozen executive orders to extend the repayment period of federal student loans, stop deportation and foreclosure, forcing to wear a mask when traveling.

Most of the measures reverse the policies that Trump pursues and does not need congressional approval.

Klain said a series of other Biden promises will be rolled out over the next nine days after the inauguration, including expanding nCoV testing and directing the government to prioritize buying American-made goods.

Biden will be sworn in at noon on January 20.